At Care 4 Creatures Pet Sitting, we believe all pets need and deserve the best care possible in their own familiar environments. Committed to the happiness, well-being and comfort of our animal friends, our sitters have owned and cared for hundreds of: cats, rabbits, ferrets, rodents, fish, reptiles, and birds. We are experienced pet care providers; 100% reliable, trustworthy and recommended by numerous vet clinics in Calgary. We also have experience with many cat behavior issues. Care 4 Creatures Pet Sitting

As one of the longer running Pet Sitting Companies in Calgary, AB, Care 4 Creatures is Insured and Bonded through the Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance Company for your peace of mind!

Calgary Cat Sitting


Along with a commitment to client satisfaction, comes our desire to establish a relationship with pet pals and their owners that will last a lifetime! We wish to provide you with the peace of mind knowing your pets are happy, safe, secure, and well cared for, whether you are on vacation or simply working long hours.


Cheryl Lee- Owner of Care 4 Creatures.

Cheryl started Care 4 Creatures in 2003 after relocating to Calgary in 2002 and does the majority of the cat sitting for her clients. A huge CAT PERSON, she specializes in all breeds of cats and is extremely knowledgeable about cat behavioral issues. Shy cats (without extreme aggression issues) tend to like her, if not right away then at least after a few visits. 🙂

Cheryl provides top quality once a day or overnight pet visits in the cat’s home and no longer offers dog services so she can give her kitty friends the attention and focus they deserve. She also welcomes taking care of rodents, reptiles, and birds, and can offer short term boarding to small caged critters. Cheryl truly loves what she does and takes pride in the quality of service Care 4 Creatures Pet Sitting provides.

Care 4 Creatures Pet Sitting

Lindsay Dale – Pet Sitter/House Sitter: 

Lindsay has provided casual pet services with Care 4 Creatures Pet Sitting since 2008 and has recently dedicated herself to joining our animal care team permanently. We are very happy to have her!

Lindsay loves cats & small critters and offers daily and overnight pet visits in the pet’s home. She does the majority of overnight sitting for our clients. Lindsay is 100% reliable and trustworthy and will always treat your home and animals like her own.


Please visit our “Rates” page for more info on the services we offer.

Please let us know before hand if your animals have any behavioral or medical issues to avoid any injuries or mishaps.
Please visit our “Policies” page for more information on company policies.
Care 4 Creatures specializes in CATS and small animals.

We offer 100% Loving and Reliable Pet Sitting in the Comfort of the Pet’s Home.

Insured. Bonded. Vet Recommended.

Serving select Calgary Communities since 2003.


We provide a free initial consultation before your first service period. This allows us to meet you and your pet(s), and fill out the required paper work. It also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have and collect references.

Because we need this meeting, please make sure to book your consultation as far in advance as possible and have keys cut and ready for us to avoid paying a pick up fee later.

Thanks so much. We look forward to meeting you and your special "creature" :)

Please call us today at: 403-660-7119

Why Pet Sitting


By using Care 4 Creatures Pet Sitting while you are away:

*Your Pets will remain in their own environment, ensuring they remain happy and stress free.

*Your pets will follow their known diet, exercise and medical routines.

*You will have peace of mind, knowing each of your pets will receive personal attention by caring and capable hands.

*Our training and certification in Pet First Aid enables us to respond quickly in the event of an emergency.

*You can call and receive regular updates on your pets at any time. *You will not have to impose on family, friends or neighbors (who sometimes neglect or lack experience)

*Your plants will be watered and your mail brought in. This increases security as it gives your home that "lived-in" look.

*You will not upset your pets by transporting them and you will not have to worry about picking them up or dropping them off.

*When you get home, you will be greeted by a happy creature!!!